Good People Carrying Dangerous Things

There was a pro self-defense talk at Virginia Tech the other day, where a student protester had this gem of an insight into what just might happen if guns were allowed on campus:

I still think a lot of it was slanted and very rights-oriented, and did not fully address the idea of what having guns on campus is going to mean for safety in classrooms and the environment in general of Virginia Tech.

Yeah, like 33 people might get murdered next time instead of only 32. Incredible.

Indeed, as John Lott never tires of pointing out, would-be mass murderers aren't unaware of the fact that bureaucrat-inspired "Gun-Free Zones" are perfectly suited to their evil ways since the gathered public have been conveniently dis-armed on their way in.

And add to that the reality that even courageous and lightning-fast police response times are simply too slow to do much good in actually stopping the murderer in his act; considering how quickly these multiple-victim shootings come to their grotesque end, all they can do is count the bodies.

"Dial 911 and die," as they say.

So the future of public massacre defense is precisely this: Lots of good people carrying very dangerous things.

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